蓝军行动 Call For Blue Army Actions
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什么是蓝军行动?What is Blue Army Action ?

·      从业务角度来看,蓝军行动就是公司官网的一次健康体检。

Blue Army Action is a Security Health Check program specially designed for Hotel Group Corporate Web site, which is aiming to fix any potential security loop holes proactively.

·       从技术角度来看,蓝军行动是白帽子通过渗透性测试和漏洞扫描发现官网漏洞的一个过程。

Technically, Blue Army Action will be carried out by 3rd party White Hat expertise Volunteers with Penetration testing, will alert the concerned Hotel groups if anything found abnormal. So can take remedy actions immediately.


蓝军行动的价值 The Value of Blue Army Action

·      形象的说,蓝军行动就像体检,每年定期体检是身体健康的保证。

Again, Blue Army action is just regular human body check to exam and identify any potential unhealthy and get fixed proactively.

·     近期的信息安全事件无不说明:应用/网站漏洞的风险越来越高,影响也越来越大。

With what happened recently on quite number of incidents of information security, there is an urgency to take more preventive actions to address the risks that is especially concerned about hospitality industry.


蓝军行动的信息安全 Blue Army Actions

·      蓝军行动管理平台会针对每一个公司用户创建一个独立账号密码,以便登陆管理平台查看体检报告。

Blue Army Action management platform will create a individual account for each hotel group who will participant in this program for logging in to reviewthe healthy check/medical report.

·      酒店科技联盟CHTA与乌云(蓝军行动技术服务方)签订保密协议,确保蓝军行动中各公司体检数据的安全性。

CHTA and WooYun.org (the authorized3rd party who will conduct the healthy check) will sign a NDA (Nondisclosure Agreement) to protect each party’s information.

本次蓝军行动由CHTA 中国酒店科技联盟发起,并由乌云众测全程提供技术支持和服务,我们真诚的邀请CHTA会员的参加!

The Blue Action is organized by CHTA with full support from WooYun.org, we urge you CHTA membership to join this important program at free of charge!


                                               Zhu Jing

                               CHTA Chairperson


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