Benefits for CHTA Members


1.         Access to all documents, research reports, technological standard specifications and industrial resource database presented by CHTA’s Academic Committee, panel and experts.

2.         Exclusive communication, learning and networking opportunities with top hoteliers, technologists and peers from the industry at those members-only workshops, forums and conferences.

3.         Discounted price for members-only educational courses which conducted by the academic institutions that cooperated with CHTA.

4.         Early-bird discounted price on any CHTA conferences and training courses.

5.         Media release and marketing promotion through CHTA’s website and EDM.

6.         Consultative services to line up hoteliers and technology vendors for business cooperation or development.

7.         With priority to choose sponsorship level for conferences and exhibitions organized by CHTA.Discounted price and some valuable packages are available for members only.

8.         Consultative services for to help members to grow in China.

9.         Visible to CHTA’s annual event calendar, achievements and future development strategy.

10.     Gain market competitive advantage over your competitors when your products are certified under CHTA’s standards with a label of “CHTA Certified” on your products.

11.     Drive vendors to develop solutions that are based on shared needs to reduce or eliminate the costly customization development.

12.     Senior-level IT executives can provide industry leadership by serving on CHTA’s Executive Board (CIO level or equivalent) and/or participate in CHTA’s Advisory Board.

13.     Participate in the problem-solving workgroups to understand hoteliers’ needs and to cooperate with vendors of other technologies to develop leading-edge solutions to fit those needs.

14.     Showcase and promote your innovations  under an environment where quality and technical expertise are valued.



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